"I am just me."

Posted 16th May 2017.

Get to know one of our supported employees; the self-proclaimed "Jane of all trades" Adeena Dedman.


Nambucca Valley Phoenix: What is your full name? 

Adeena Dedman: Adeena Renee Dedman

NVP: What do you do at Phoenix? 

AD: I’m a “Jane of all trades!” What don’t I do?! I work as an ADE supported employee in the café, where I barista, clean, waitress, prepare food, look after the plants for sale in the op shop, sort through donations, (sometimes our donations are only good for the tip) we are not a dump! Gardening, pruning, I wash cars… I also volunteer a couple of days a week.

NVP: Yes, tell us a bit more about the car washing enterprise?

AD: I was asked if I’d be interested in washing the cars. It helps me out by giving me a bit of extra money, and it helps out Phoenix because we are an organisation and we need to have our cars looking nice out in public!

NVP: I saw Alba’s car this morning & I think you might need to lend your services there… 

AD: Yeah, well she lives on a dirt road, so she’s one of my best customers!

NVP: How long have you been coming to Phoenix for? 

AD: I’ve been coming since July 13th last year. So nearly a year.

NVP: What would you say you like best about coming to Phoenix?

AD: Everything! The atmosphere, the staff, I mean I can’t just pinpoint one thing because there’s all different aspects of Phoenix. The staff, the jobs, the other clients, yeah there’s just so much diversity in one organisation. You have so many different, how can I say, facets, like a diamond. Yes you’re one organisation, but this one does this and this one does that. There are a lot of things to do.I haven't had a Groundhog Day yet!

NVP: What are your hobbies outside of Phoenix?

AD: Ah gardening of course, plant propagation, I love mowing lawns (which I do for a few oldies in Valla). Um reading, cooking, watching movies, playing games on my iPad, going for walks along the beach…

NVP: What do you think has been your most rewarding moment since coming to Phoenix? 

AD: Getting a job. I haven’t looked back - I’ve only looked forward. Also getting my L’s – I wouldn’t have done that without Phoenix’s support. Which is a big step for me. I like to study and learn new things, as opposed to the 20 year old me! But now I just can’t get enough. Everyone here has been very supportive of what I want to do. It’s very rewarding.

NVP: What’s your personal philosophy? Do you have a life motto? 

AD: Mine is “I am just me.” What you see is what you get. You know, I can only do my best. That’s basically my motto. There’s no point trying to be someone you’re not just to please someone else. At the end of the day if you try to be someone else, the only person you’re hurting is yourself by not being true to yourself.

NVP: Who has influenced you most in your life?

AD: It’d be Mariah Carey! Music wise. But on a more personal note, my parents.

NVP: Do you have any hidden talents?

AD: I can cook but that’s not really hidden…I write poetry, little short stories, and I do a lot of painting.

NVP: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

AD: With a car. And a new place. Not so much a partner! Happy and having full time work. And doing jobs that I love doing. And of course getting paid for it. Everything’s kind of falling into place now. I’ve done the work, now I’ve got to follow it through. But I’ll get there. As I’ve been told, “you want something bad enough, you visualise it.” And once you visualise it you start living it, then it should all just fall into place. And that’s what I’m trying to do. Like my motto says – I can only do my best. And years ago, say, if I wanted something and it didn’t happen then I’d feel devastated. But now its like “OK, I didn’t get it, we’ll try this next avenue”, we’ll go off in different directions. That’s me!